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So many things in life feel more manageable when we feel supported by our community.
Join a community through any of the group offerings below!  

Lavender Fields

Weekly Planning Group

Join this open group every Monday if you would like support planing the week ahead. 

No camera needed, and minimum in-session participation required. 


This is truly a space to support fellow ADHDers plan their week ahead, as well as to receive gentle reminders and motivation throughout the week. 

  • Next round begins June 10, 2024. 

  • Open meetings are offered every Monday at 8AM, 9AM, and 10AM Pacific Time. 

  • Two self-declared fee tiers: $75 and $50 per session. 

Submit your info to learn more. 

Latinx Young Adult Group

Next group starting in July, 2024

A community of people who are exploring adulthood, and the intersection with Latin American culture. 

  • Twelve weekly sessions

  • Via telehealth

  • Small groups

  • $100/session

  • Sliding scale available

Submit your info to learn more. 

Flower Buds

Pregnancy Loss Support 
Finding Support and Recovery in community

  • Two-hour weekly sessions for 12 weeks. 

  • Via telehealth

  • Small groups

  • Sliding scale

Healing and recovery focused on mind, body, and spirit. 

In the works! 

Check again for future groups. 

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