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Professional Consultations

I am very familiar with the disconnection that exists between professional/academic settings and the community they serve. Working for years in research-based/academic space (I received a B.S., in Chemistry) allowed me to observe closely this gap. That experience helped me layout the foundation for what is my work today.  

I bring a different perspective, information, and language to academic and professional spaces that center neurodivergent children and families, because this is both my career and my lived experience. 

My services are best fitted for seminars focused on family services,  the parent-child relationship, and/or children's well-being. I bring knowledge gathered over many years working with families, and perspective I have gained from being able to connect both with the providers, and the community they serve. 

My approach to family work is strengths-based and trauma informed, and it is rooted in equity and neurodiversity. 


"Luisa is an absolute gem! She is a wealth of knowledge, bringing a unique perspective through her expertise in mental health support and lived experience with neurodivergence and navigating family support systems. Her ability to present information clearly and with immense compassionate is unmatched. She always offers insightful perspectives and incredibly useful information. I learn something new every time I have the privilege of hearing her speak and I will always keep coming back for more."

Ashley Penney, PhD, BCBA-D, LBA 

Research Scientist, Project Director On-Time Autism Intervention

University of Washington

Taking Notes
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