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ADHD Planning Support

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Weekly Planning Meetings 

Join an open meeting via Zoom every Monday at 8AM, 9AM, or 10AM to receive support planning intentionally your week.

Follow through and motivation resources shared throughout the week.


No camera or in-meeting participation needed. 


 Two self-declared fee tiers available:

$50 or $75/ session

Project-Based Planning Support

Individual planning support for people who have a passion project they wholeheartedly believe in, but are having a difficult time actualizing it. 

Scheduled meetings, collective brainstorming, follow-through, and other forms of individualized support to help you realize your own dreams.


Fee $150 per session

Numbers of sessions needed will be determined together.  

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Yearly Winter Planning 

Join a closed group offered each year during winter (January - March) to take deep intentional time to evaluate each of your life categories for the year, create routines, tasks, reminders, and set goals in a space that is affirming of neurodivergent brains, while receiving support and guidance with executive skills related to planning and organizing. 

Submit your info to learn more. 

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